Health & Fitness Mats

A gym can be one of the most important places for people in their lives, and we understand you need to make sure that it lives up to people’s health & fitness standards. We’ve got anti-fatigue mats, solid gym mats and entrance mats that will fit your every need. All of which come with guaranteed quality and quick delivery times!

Design allows grass to grow with a natural look!

Rubber Grass Mats are designed to protect the ground and grass from becoming churned up and muddy; the ring-hole form allows grass to grow back through the mat, preserving the green and fresh look of your lawn!

Quick & Easy Installation

They are extremely easy to install using our pegs and cable ties. Just fix the mat into the ground using the pegs and attach each mat using the cable ties.

Safety Tested

These mats have been safety tested to and comply with ASTM F1292 and ASTM F1951 Impact Attenuation of Playground Surfacing Materials.

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