Grassmats-USA is now a sponsor member of The National Association of Park Foundations

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“The grass mats are an innovative tool which prevent walking paths from deteriorating into ‘cattle troughs.’ They take a few hours to install and within 4 weeks, the mats are filled in and covered with the user’s choice of turf. A solid alternative to sodding and excellent tool for preventing erosion.”

Ryan Merriman

East Hampton Golf Course

“Park department budgets, especially those based on tax payer dollars, are under more pressure these days than ever before. Simply put, there just is not enough tax payer dollars to be allocated to important maintenance of park grounds. Park department are needing to find new and innovative ways to reduce costs and/or raise revenues. Grassmats USA provide a safe and cost effective, long range solution to worn grass paths, trails, and replacement of mulched areas. GrassMats USA is your solution!”

Donald Ortale

Executive Director - National Association of Park Foundations

“Thank You. We are using it under an outdoor platform swing for a special needs child. I was originally concerned that the coverage area was a bit too small but my son likes the feel of the rubber on his bare feet so much that he tries to keep his feet on the mats when he uses the swing. It is softer than I expected. I haven’t put the stakes in yet but it almost seems like you don’t need them. You can see in the lower portion of the pic where he wore out the grass due to a prior placement of the swing. Perfect fit for my need. Thanks!”



“Grassmats are a rising commodity in schools for its most practical and low maintenance option on the market today. The install time and effort is easier than spreading mulch, plus, the value of getting a 10’ fall height is half the cost of other unitary products. They look pristine and real as well maintenance grass. Grassmats also prevails through the varying weather changes. Grassmats are the perfect money saving alternative for safety surfacing.”

Shane Lanier Korkat

“With this recent rainy winter weather,we are so thankful to have had Grass Mats at our run-in stall entrances. Our horses have been in and out of the stalls and would typically be ankle deep in mud and muck had it not been for those mats! Grass Mats saved us from episodes of thrush and mud caked legs this year! We plan on installing them at our pasture entrances, and around the watering troughs next.”

Jessica Jackson

“Just a few weeks ago the grass was already compromised after 2 weeks of play… Look at it grow now! I want to do my entire yard. LOL.”


“If every sales rep I made contact with on this playground was even half as responsive as you have been the project would have gone much more smoothly!”

Sarah Goretski

St. Peter's Lutheran School