If you are looking for an excellent tool to help care for your horses, you should consider getting some grass mats. These mats are perfect for high-traffic areas with mud, making them ideal for equestrian areas. Here are three reasons why grass mats are great for equestrian areas.

Perfect For High Tread Paddock Areas

Grass mats are great for high tread paddock areas where the horses often gather. The water troughs are typically located in these areas, so they often get wet. The horses then walk all over this area, making it muddy. A great way to combat this mud is to install a grass mat. This mat will allow the horses to freely walk around this area while decreasing the mud that builds up.

Great For Arenas And Stall Flooring

Other areas where grass mats can come in handy are in the arenas where the horses run and train and in their stalls where they sleep. The grass mats help to give these areas a solid foundation for the horses to walk on, no matter how much water has accumulated on them. This is important for keeping your horse’s hooves in good condition because constant moisture can cause them to weaken and rot.

They Allow The Horses To Graze

Even when you have the grass mats in place, you can still help the horses to graze. This is possible because the holes in the grass mats allow the grass to poke through easily. The horses can then eat this grass and graze as they usually would. Again, this helps keep the horses healthy, and your grass is growing well.

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