As parents and caregivers in a daycare, you are responsible for providing a fun, safe environment for children to play. This means that playgrounds, including outdoor play areas, must be equipped with the safest materials, structures, and equipment.

Concrete is typically not safe for playgrounds because it is hard and can easily cause injury. There are several alternatives for securing daycare play areas, including grass mats, which are a cost-effective and environmentally safe option.

A Surface That is Safe

Grass mats provide a soft, cushioned surface that helps protect kids from injury. Because kids fall often, grass mats are ideal for daycare playgrounds. You can place them inside outdoor play areas and high-traffic areas like play yards. Additionally, the mats maintain a cool temperature when it’s hot, enabling kids to continue playing outdoors without burning their skin.

Environmental Concerns

Grass mats by Grassmats USA are made from recycled materials, which means they’re environmentally friendly. The ring hole allows grass to grow naturally, which benefits the surrounding areas. You’ll have a safe and beautiful place for your kids to play. These rubber mats will also significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Easy to Install

All you need are cable ties and anchor pins to hold the mats in place. You can install your Grass Mats in minutes without the need for machinery or complicated processes. You don’t even need to be a professional landscaper to install the mats; once installed, you can cut off or trim around them instead of having to replace an entire mat. Additionally, these mats are customizable to fit any space or design.

Would you like more information about grass mats and their benefits for daycares? Would you like to install them in your play areas to ensure a safe environment? If so, contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with answers to your questions and set up a consultation to see how we can help make your grounds safe and beautiful.