Foot, leg and back pain are the most common causes of physical fatigue in today’s workplaces. This is more evident when standing on hard, concrete surfaces that put excessive strain on joints and muscles. The constriction of muscles and reduced blood flow causes the heart to work harder to pump blood through these areas, resulting in pain and fatigue. While we often hear of repetitive stress disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, the condition known as cumulative trauma disorder, which includes prolonged standing, fatigue, and pain, is also one of the largest work-related health problems in the U.S. But what can be done to alleviate and even prevent these stresses on employees’ muscles and joints?

Consider Using an Anti-Fatigue Mat

By using anti-fatigue mats in the workplace, worker comfort can be drastically improved. In fact, a study done by the University of Michigan demonstrated that after four hours of standing on anti-fatigue mats, employees reported considerably less discomfort than without their use.

By using anti-fatigue mats:

  • Employees will be more comfortable in their standing positions, resulting in peak performance and productivity.
  • Companies will realize more significant cost reductions in employee disability and workers compensation payments.
  • Absenteeism costs are drastically reduced as employees need less sick time due to musculoskeletal pain.

What is the Best Mat to Use?

So what does one need to look for when selecting the best anti-fatigue mat?

  1. First and foremost, it should be able to absorb moisture sufficiently. This is especially crucial to ensuring the mat stays in place. Additionally, this feature keeps the mat from accumulating mold and mildew.
  2. Another consideration when selecting anti-fatigue matting is the coverage area. Ideally, the mat should cover the entire workstation flooring for the best results. This can be attained through the use of a built-in connection system that safely interlocks multiple mats together.
  3. Finally, mats must keep workers safe from slips and falls through the use of non-skid materials and extra traction. This provides stability for secure footing, which is crucial for a safe work environment.

At GrassMats USA, our anti-fatigue mats are well-suited for many work environments. Built with a bobbled backing, they feature improved water drainage making them ideal for damp and moist floor conditions. Our mats are constructed with safety in mind to prevent slips and falls.

Your employees deserve the safest and most effective prevention against muscle and joint fatigue from prolonged standing. Contact us for more information on how our line of anti-fatigue mats can keep your employees safe and comfortable in the workplace.