It is almost spring, and as you look over your backyard, you decide this is the year you will take the time to create the yard of your dreams. As you look at your plans, you start thinking of taking walks among the flower beds and creating a green space for extra parking when friends and family gather. But, how are you going to protect the grass so that it stays green and still allow lots of people to enjoy those flower beds without damaging them? How are you going to enjoy a luscious green lawn, yet use it for extra parking without having to lay grass sod or seed every time you have friends and family visit?

Grass Protection Where It Matters

We have your answer. This spring install Ground Protection Mesh. When you install this around your flower beds, people can walk on it as much as they want and the grass will be protected. Plus, since the ground protection mesh is slip resistant, it will give added safety for children, seniors, and others who might have difficulty walking on grass. So, installing the protection mesh as part of your walking paths will protect your friends, your family, and your lawn.

For that green space that you want as luscious grass, yet also as a parking area, ground protection mesh will allow cars to park and when they leave you will not see rutting or dead grass. It also provides safer walking from cars since individuals will not be walking on uneven ground. They will be walking on slip-resistant protection mesh that looks like a luscious green lawn. So, installing the protection mesh as part of your lawn and for an overflow parking area will help protect people, and also protect your grass.

An Affordable Grass Protection Solution

You do not have to worry about this investment consuming your spring backyard budget. The protection mesh is affordable, and you can easily install it yourself. If you have questions about safety test results and how to install the protection mesh, contact us. We would love to talk to you. You can also request a quote or get live support through our website.