You may be looking to protect that green space from damage, yet you still want to use it for parking and pathways. Indeed, this may be a difficult task, especially where you have kids running all over and vehicles. However, with ground protection mesh made by GrassmatsUSA comes the perfect solution to help you achieve your goals.

What is Ground Protection Mesh?

Simply put, a ground protection mesh is a thick plastic mesh meant to protect the grass areas that are used by vehicles and pedestrians. This means that the mesh acts as a reinforcement, therefore ensuring that your grass is protected.

What are the Benefits?

Are you worried that the ground is too slippery? Installing a ground protection mesh can provide safety in your pathways. This is due to the thickness of the mesh, which provides a slip-resistant surface. Therefore, seniors and children can confidently walk on the ground without fear of falling.

Also, it works to prevent rutting or dead grass. More often than not, rutting results from constant vehicle parking. The adverse effects of this can damage the general outlook of your green lawn. However, with a ground protection mesh, you can park all manner of vehicles on your lawn without fear of damage. This is also attested to the thickness of the mesh.

What about the Installation?

The process is simple and one which you need not worry about. You can install the ground protection mesh by simply directing it on top of the existing grass surface. Therefore, the whole installation process is affordable and swift as you won’t spend a lot of time and money installing the mesh on the ground.

What it Means

Having a quality ground protection mesh on your grass areas means that you can walk or park on it as much as you want. An additional benefit is that it maintains the general outlook of your lawn. Suffice to say, installing the mesh on your home helps protect people as well as your grass surface.

Our ground protection mesh for parking and pathways fully complies with ASTM D1621 to ensure safety. If you require a ground protection mesh to protect your lawn or field, please don’t hesitate to contact us.