When you create a construction site in an area with a lot of grass surrounding it, you need to make sure that this grass is well cared for. A great way to go about protecting the grass is by using grass mats from Grassmats USA. These mats are created from a thick plastic mesh and help make an effective barrier between the grass and whatever comes in contact with it. Here are three reasons to use grass mats for your construction project.

Protects Against Vehicles

One reason to purchase ground protection mesh for the grassy area around your construction site is because it helps protect the grass from the vehicles parking on it. You likely have a crew of workers who are coming to the construction site each day and parking their vehicles. There will also be a lot of construction equipment driving around. This can do quite a number on the grass if it is not protected. However, with a thick mat in place, you can easily preserve the grass.

Great For Pedestrian Traffic

Another reason to use ground protection mesh for your construction site is that it is extremely helpful when it comes to pedestrian traffic. When you have a construction site in a public area, you know that you are going to have a great deal of foot traffic around the site. If this is grass, it is going to get worn down very quickly. Putting the grass mats in place as soon as you begin is a great way to prevent this damage from ever happening.

Create Traction For Muddy Areas

Lastly, these mats do an excellent job of creating more traction in areas prone to become muddy. This helps to keep both workers and pedestrians safe when it has rained or snowed, and the ground has become wet.

To learn more about using GrassMats USA for your construction project needs, or purchase your grass mats today, please contact us.