Cultivating a lush and healthy lawn takes a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, even at its best, your grass is just as vulnerable as it is beautiful. From the constant wear and tear due to weather or the mess created by children and pets, natural grass is constantly subjected to damage. This is especially true in high-traffic areas. So, if you’ve been longing to keep your lawn looking good without turning it into a “no walk” zone, rubber grass mats are the perfect choice. At GrassMats USA, we specialize in delivering simple yet effective products that safeguard lawns and enhance the usability of the spaces where they are installed. Consider using grass mats to solve your lawn concerns this year.

Weighing approximately 28 pounds each, our rubber grass mats are large, rectangular mats with circular holes. When installed directly on grass, they protect lawns and the underlying soil from being churned up and compacted. As grass grows through the holes of these mats, the base of each blade and all of its roots are protected. With the grass mats’ protection, your kids can turn cartwheels in your yard, play tag football, or take your dog for a high-energy run without diminishing your lawn’s aesthetics.

New Growth and Moisture Drainage

New growth sprouts right through the holes of our grass mats. Their circular cutouts allow for further growth and promote optimum drainage. Thus, even when local rainfall is heavy, you won’t have to worry about pooling water, wet or soft walking surfaces, or grass that’s been overwatered. Depending upon your soil’s current level of compaction, having grass mats installed may even solve a variety of soil density and over-watering concerns.

Improve the Usability of Outdoor Areas

With grass mats in place, no one using your yard has to worry about stepping gingerly. These products protect grassroots, new grass shoots, and the most vulnerable, sensitive parts of grass blades. However, grass mats also provide the benefit of a semi-soft, cushioned surface. These mats are comprised of 30% recycled rubber and meet the regulatory standards for playground materials.

Installation and Grass Maintenance

Another significant benefit of our grass mats is the overall ease of installation. Each unit is fixed in place with simple pegs and then attached to one another using cables. This lets our customers choose the configurations that best suit their needs. You can use grass mats from end to end or put these products in high-traffic areas only. They offer the perfect, set-it-and-forget-it solution to ongoing lawn wear and the ravages of constant outdoor activity.

Start Protecting Your Lawn This Year!

Protecting your lawn this year can be as easy as placing a few grass mats in trafficked areas. We can help you find the best ground protection products for your home, business, or school. Get in touch with GrassMats USA today to get started!