Summer is right around the corner. That means hotter temperatures, more sunshine, and more outdoor fun with friends, neighbors, and family members. Unfortunately, this also means more footsteps on your lawn and more potential for accidental damage to your well-maintained yard. Have you ever enjoyed a fun backyard barbecue, only to see your grass trampled afterward?

Luckily, that isn’t a problem with our products. Our Grass Mats protect your grass from the many shoes and steps that will walk upon it this summer. They also preserve the look of your yard while allowing grass to grow freely, keeping your outdoor space safe and beautiful.

What are Grass Mats?

Grass Mats are rubber mats that provide an even surface for visitors, residents, and children to walk. They provide structure and support to outdoor spaces. Grass Mats are versatile and can be used outdoors on playgrounds, golf courses, backyards, and other home and commercial spaces. The mats have rings that allow grass to continue growing through the mat, protecting your lawn from footsteps and the increased traffic that will surely come as the sun shines brighter.

Why Should You Use Our Grass Mats?

The multipurpose, high-quality mats, made from 30% recycled rubber, are easily installed and require zero maintenance. Grass Mats help control erosion, protect delicate grasses, and provide structure and safety to outdoor surfaces. Most importantly, Grass Mats help preserve the beauty of your outdoor spaces and protect visitors, children, neighbors, and anyone else who will be enjoying your outdoor space this summer!

Whether you’re planning to entertain, looking to protect your lawn, or just spending more time outside in the warm weather, use our Grass Mats to keep your yard safer and more enjoyable for everyone this summer. You’ll never worry about a trampled lawn again after using a Grass Mat. For more information, contact us today!