The pathway to your garden, playground, or driveway may all need a bit more protection this summer. Why? Consequently, these areas receive more foot traffic when it’s warmer outside. Protecting your lawn and ground area has never been easier than it is now.

The professionals at Grassmats USA provide durable grass mats for securing your lawn, garden, and ground; all while protecting the little ones from getting scrapes, cuts, and bruises when they’re enjoying outdoor fun. Discover how grass mats are your pathway to protection.

Pathway Protection Mesh You Can Trust

With grass mats, watch your lawn thrive and protect the ones you love. Grassmats USA specializes in rubber mats that can be used anywhere on your lawn or ground. For example, if you have a daycare, securely place durable grass mats on the ground where the children are expected to play to protect the lawn and the kiddies as they tumble around on the ground. These ASTM 1292 certified standard tested mats give your lawn plenty of breathing room while allowing your grass to grow. Choose from just a few mats or as many as you need to cover a large area.

Why Customers Prefer Grassmats USA

At Grassmats USA, our mats provide the versatility that protects your lawn and people. We’re there when the safety and protection of your lawn is your top priority. With our multipurpose landscape mats covering 5ft x 3ft, you’ll never be intimidated by the sight of people walking on your grass, people visiting your garden, or cars parked on your lawn. Trust our 30% rubber mats to withstand any type of weather or conditions. Please contact us for more details or visit our website to learn more about using our grass mats as your pathway to protection today.