Do you have a yard space in your home or business that sees high traffic and heavy-duty use? Do you own an event space with a grass surface that you would like to preserve? Grass can be a wonderful surface for multi-use spaces and is a great alternative to pavement and stone if you’re looking for a more natural look. However, with frequent use, such as during high traffic pedestrian events, or heavy-duty use by vehicle travel or parking, grass can quickly be destroyed. GrassmatsUSA provides a special ground protection mesh that allows you to cover the property and protect it while using the property for heavier uses such as parking and large events.

What is Ground Protection Mesh?

Ground protection mesh is a thick plastic mesh that protects and reinforces grass in areas with vehicle and pedestrian use. It also helps to reduce slip hazards with its oscillating, slip-resistant structure. Because of their weight and tire tread, vehicles can cause rutting, smearing, and general wear to grassy surfaces in no time. Ground protection mesh is durable enough to protect the soil and the base of grass blades so that this does not happen. Additionally, it is effortless to install! The mesh can be installed directly on top of existing grass with U-pins, making it a fast and affordable solution for large and small areas alike.

Where Can It Be Used?

Not sure if ground protection mesh is for you? It is a great solution for a range of different needs. Not only does it protect against a variety of types of vehicle traffic, including cars, trucks, pedestrians, and even golf carts, but it is also great for many unique spaces. Some of our suggestions include car overflow lots, wheelchair access routes, runways, and taxiways for light aircraft, equestrian areas or paddocks, and parking bays. Contact us with your questions or to learn more about this and other GrassmatsUSA products!