COVID-19, the virus responsible for the coronavirus, has left millions of people indoors under self-isolation. More millennials have returned home from college, parents are working from home in record numbers, and school-age children are practicing distance learning during the mandatory lockdown. What does this mean for your yard? More foot traffic! The kids get tired of playing inside and seek refuge outdoors, more cars are parked on your lawn, and your garden is getting more maintenance. However, Grassmats USA provides an excellent opportunity for you to protect your yard and encourage your loved ones to enjoy nature.

Here’s What To Expect From Grassmats USA During COVID-19

Extra Protection For Your Garden

Grassmats USA is your pathway to protection! With breathable rubber mats, you can get all your garden work done or enjoy a glass of wine without ever jeopardizing the growth of your garden. For example, Grassmats USA anti-fatigue mats allow you to work in your garden for an extended period while protecting your body and your garden. As a bonus, you can also protect your garden from your pets too.

Safeguard Outdoor Activities

The versatility of our grass mats allows homeowners to protect their lawns and the ones they love. Our mats provide 5ft x 3.3ft of measured protection. Made of 30% rubber, homeowners experience the versatility of multipurpose covering and safety surfacing. Your children can play in the yard and protect themselves from nicks and scrapes, reducing the threat of injuries.

Lawn Protection For Vehicles

Vehicles sitting on your lawn for a prolonged time have the potential to kill your grass and cause unsightly spots, but Grassmats USA provides strong and durable ground protection mesh. HDPE plastic mesh standard measuring 11mm and 430 sq ft provide reinforced heavy-duty protection between your vehicle and your lawn. It’s just what your lawn needs for an overflow of parked cars.

At Grassmats USA, we comply with the strict guidelines of ASTM D1621 standard testing for your safety and peace of mind.

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