Whether your kids enjoy climbing the rock wall on a backyard playground, jumping rope on a lush lawn, or running after a ball, these exercises can cause challenges for the health of your lawn. Fortunately, our grass mats are a premium solution to make exercise more convenient and safe for families and children.

Safety First

As children exercise and play, they need a safe, durable surface for landing, running, and jumping. One that will be level, dry, and comfortable. Since our multipurpose mats are made of rubber, they prevent slips and serve as shock-absorbing landing pads for growing bones and developing joints. The added traction provides a safe surface for all exercise needs, leveling the playing field beneath swings, slides, trampolines, etc. Our grass mats have even been safety tested for impact evaluation and compliance.

Love Your Lawn

Constant exercise and play in some regions of your landscape create patches of worn-out grass caused by soil compaction. Avoid this barren and muddy look by using grass mats to prevent erosion and protect the ground from heavy foot traffic. The ring hole design allows your grass to grow through; the mats also improve water infiltration and aeration, promoting a healthy lawn. Our mats are versatile, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. They’re a wise investment for a beautiful lawn.


Providing residential space for your children to exercise and play encourages them to be outdoors and does not incur the cost of a gym membership. However, constantly replacing sod and aerating soil to keep up with all the traffic in your yard generates large labor and material costs. Installing low-maintenance grass mats will offset these costs, and our mats include a 5-year warranty. Contact us to find out more about our grass protection products.