Keeping the kids in the house during COVID-19 is a nightmare. It’s not natural for the kids, and it is stressful for the adults. Keeping kids in the backyard is the best place for them to be. However, extended yard play is not exactly the best thing in the world for the lawn (especially around backyard playground equipment).

Playground Equipment

Merry Go Rounds, Slides, and Swings can take a toll on the yard. No grass there for sure. Or that’s the way it was before Grassmats USA came along. Their Grass Mats are 30% recycled rubber and provide coverage of 16.5 square feet. Just lay it down and place the playground equipment on top. The grass grows right through the mat for easy mowing and weed-eating. These mats are highly durable and keep little feet from digging up the grass and dirt. They also provide non-slip footing. So these grass mats will undoubtedly reduce the number of falls. It doesn’t stop kids from pushing each other down, but at least the rubber mat is softer than the ground.

Great for Garden Work

Grassmats USA also has smaller Grass Mats that come in 5ft x 3.3ft squares. These are perfect for laying down anywhere you need to work in the yard or garden. Or you could just line them up in the rows of the garden or across the front of the flower bed and leave them in place year-round.

Keep the Party Going

We all love to have friends and family over for outdoor gatherings. However, foot-traffic around the fire pit or outside table areas can be tough on the lawn. Grass mats from Grassmats USA will solve this problem. The grass will grow through these mats while protecting the soil underneath. Also, outdoor furniture placed on top of these mats won’t sink into the ground. Contact us at Grassmats USA today and keep the party going.