You are designing a new playground? You have just won a grant for a brand playground for your school ? but cost is definitely a factor ,but so is safety.

Well Grassmats can offer the best of both worlds.

There is very little ground preparation to be done, therefore saving in time and labor costs .

The mats are very easy to install and maintain , even allowing the grass to grow through for a more natural look and they can be mowed like regular grass after.

Our mats have been tested and comply to both ASTM F1292 and F1951 and have a CFH of up to 10′.

But the best part is the cost , pour in place can cost anything up to $16 per sq ft after ground prep , install , shipping and labor.

Our mats? Around $7 per sq ft including shipping, prep and labor.

On a 5000 sq ft playground that’s a price difference of $40,000!!

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