Kids love to play on swings. They can swing for hours on end and never seem to tire of it. If you are a parent, that’s a great thing because swinging is a very economical way for the kids to get outside, get some exercise and fresh air. If you own or maintain the property where the swings are located, all those hours of swinging feet can cause headaches for you.

Why is the Grass Always Dead Under the Swing?

As kids swing back and forth, they often will drag their toes on the backswing. This can not only kill the grass underneath but can wreak havoc on the soil as well. It’s not uncommon to see fairly deep depressions underneath each swing on heavily used equipment. This leads to unsightly bare patches of earth that could become deep depressions filled with mud and water over time. If left unresolved, these pits could become safety hazards as the distance from the ground to the swing seat increases, and the footing becomes unstable when boarding, exiting, or trying to stop the swing.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Grass and Soil Damage Under the Swing?

Grassmats USA provides ground protection mesh and rubber grass mats designed to protect your grass in high traffic areas. Grass mats are made from 30% recycled rubber, and each one covers 16.5 square feet. They require zero maintenance, offer a 5-year guarantee, and are tested to ASTM F1292 and ASTM F1951 safety standards. Protecting the grass in these areas will also significantly reduce or even eliminate erosion and soil displacement along walkways as well as under swings. They can even be used to establish and protect the grass in overflow parking areas, golf cart pathways, gateways, and even disc golf courses.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Grassmats USA has to offer, feel free to contact us or even request a free sample.