Sometimes Mother Nature can use an assist to keep her beauty intact.

Consider a grassy area near a home, stadium, business, or school. Untouched, it looks great. But allow pedestrians to pass through or, even worse, permit cars to park there, and quite soon, you can expect Mother Nature to call for help. Potholes and ruts appear, heavily trafficked areas become matted and slick, and the natural look you hoped to retain is but a distant memory. You may even have a liability problem on your hands should someone become injured in one of these areas.

Assisting Mother Nature

GrassmatsUSA offers just the help Mother Nature needs in these situations with its Ground Protection Mesh products. The mesh is made of remarkably durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), capable of holding the weight of a 16-ton truck, and comes in standard (11mm; 7/16″) and heavy-duty (14mm; 9/16″) thicknesses.

Easy to Install

No special tools or equipment are required to install Grassmats USA’s Ground Protection Mesh products. Just unroll them on top of the grass you want to protect and secure them in place with U-shaped pins. The mesh is designed so that grass can grow through it easily. In a short period of time, the mesh will be enveloped in a beautiful layer of grass. You’re left with a slip-resistant, natural look that now easily can withstand heavy foot and automotive traffic.

A Variety of Uses

GrassmatsUSA’s Ground Protection Mesh products are sold in rolls 65′ (20m) long and 6-1/2′ (2m) wide. This makes it easy to tackle any scale projects, from a residential carport to a football stadium parking lot. Other suggested uses include defining a wheelchair or golf cart pathway, keeping equestrian areas and paddocks passable, or even building an airport runway.

All Ground Protection Mesh products are covered by a 5-year warranty and incorporate 30% recycled materials. Visit the website to learn more and to see before and after photos of product installations.