A playground is a place designed for children to play and run free. Once they see the swing set and monkey bars, their thoughts shift to having as much fun as they can with little concern over keeping the grass beautiful and in one piece. They also tend not to worry too much over being cautious or careful while having fun on the playground. School playgrounds can especially be impacted by lots of use and maintenance can be a challenge. A huge part of maintaining a school playground is sustaining the equipment and overall appearance of the play area. Many times, repairing damaged grass can be a big part of that upkeep and can be time-consuming and costly.

So what exactly can you do for these playgrounds?

One essential way to keep the grass growing as well as looking beautiful would be to install grass mats. They’re an excellent fit for all playgrounds, especially school playgrounds.

Grass mats for school playgrounds are

  • ideal for protecting high traffic areas
  • made from 30% recycled rubber
  • specially designed to allow grass to grow through the mats
  • used every day to provide multipurpose functionality and safety

Protecting children as well as the playground they enjoy is essential. Grass mats are durable, cost-effective, and look great on any landscape. There will no longer be a need for continual upkeep of the grass, or in some cases, complete removal of the grass. Grass mats will keep the playground looking beautiful, appealing, and safe for kids to enjoy.

Upkeep is simplified when you add grass mats to your school’s play area. No more destruction of the landscape by quick, spirited feet. You can ensure that children and their playtime are protected.

If you would like more information about using our grass mats for your playground, contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also request a free sample or quote.