A playground and pathway are some of your home or business’s most important areas that need protection. A backyard playground at your home, school, or park can quickly become a liability without the right protection. More importantly, the pathway to your garden or door can be damaged by heavy foot traffic. At Grassmats USA, you can expect quality protection from liability and damage with reliable safety grass mats.

How Do Grass Mats Provide Protection?

Our grass mats diligently protect your playground and other property needs with versatile rubber mats. Homeowners and businesses have access to high-quality mesh mats that also protects people while allowing your grass to continue to flourish. Each mat measures 16.5 square feet.

Our clients can securely cover their entire playground and common areas of their property too. The little ones can safely play on your playground and avoid scrapes and cuts if they fall with state-of-the-art grass mats that stand up against competitor safety products. You’ll never have to worry about heavy foot traffic ruining your lawn, including walkway areas like the entrance to your garden. Grassmats USA strives to be your pathway to protection!

What Customers Can Expect From Grassmats USA

Customers can expect extra thick plastic mesh that protects their landscape and business against pedestrians and vehicles. There are no extra steps needed to preserve or restore your lawn while enjoying the beauty of watching your grass continuing to grow. We ensure that your natural grass can continue to grow with our grass mats. We care about lawn protection as much as you do and have created our mats with your grass’s appearance in mind. If you’re ordering more than 14 mats, use our Request A Quote form for a direct quote.

Discover safety and protection for your lawn without compromise with grass mats from Grassmats USA.

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