Golf is a sport where making sure the ground is protected at all costs and our golf mats are definitely a low cost for quality!  Whether it’s for your parking, games or paths we’ve got it covered with parking mesh ground protection and grass carpets.

Golf Pathway Mats

We sell large quantities of these rubber mats to the golf sector every year. They are primarily used for pathways and high traffic areas such as at the side of tees providing excellent levels of protection while keeping the natural aesthetics of your course. They are suitable to be used by golf carts.

Installation is simple, you peg the mats down then sit back and wait for the grass to grow. The mats are typically covered in 6-8 weeks during the growing season although this may take longer at other times of the year. Ideally, installation should take place during the summer in preparation for the poor weather in winter, however, if you have missed the boat the mats will still function perfectly immediately after installation. For full installation instructions please see our Installation page under the FAQ tab.

Heavy Duty Grass Protection Mesh for Golfing Events

Grass Protection Mesh is a thick HDPE mesh designed for protecting and reinforcing grassed areas which are used by vehicles and pedestrians. It is manufactured with slip resistance in mind using an oscillated structure producing a fully tested slip resistant surface.

Grass Protection Mesh prevents rutting, smearing and wear caused by all manner of traffic. Cars, Trucks, pedestrians or even golf cart to name but a few. It is installed directly on top of an existing grass surface with metal U-pins making it a fast and affordable solution for large industrial projects and small residential solutions alike.

• Grass car parking areas
• Overflow car parks
• Pedestrian pathways
• Wheelchair access routes
• Runways/Taxiways for light aircraft
• Equestrian areas or paddocks
• Static home access and parking bays