Summer 2020 has been an unusual and challenging time for all of us. The need to socially isolate has caused an increased desire to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. After all, being outside is good for your mental health, creating a positive mood, and washing away your every day worries. However, all of this time, playing in the backyard can be brutal for your lawn. If you’re struggling with dead grass, muddy patches, or even safety hazards in your backyard, our grass mats can help.

A True Escape

You deserve to be able to escape outside and enjoy your backyard oasis. Summer has brought about longer days and wonderful weather for play, and with the extra wear and tear on your lawn from extended use, you may need grass protection! Grass Mats protect the roots of your grass, while also allowing new grass to grow through. Because of this, it’s never too late or too early to install them.

Speaking of installation, this is made easy. Simply lay your mats down and connect each one with its neighboring mat. You can even tie them together for a more durable connection. Then, secure them to the ground and fill any dead areas in your lawn with soil and grass seed. The result will be a beautiful lawn, with no dead patches that are protected from wear and tear. So, go ahead and relax in your beautiful summer oasis. Enjoy this time with your family and loved ones. That’s what summer is for!

 Playground Protection

As we mentioned, your backyard playground has likely been receiving lots of love this summer. Don’t let your lawn become a safety hazard! Installing Grass Mats beneath your backyard playground will create a soft, safe, and cool environment for play. You won’t have to worry about hot surfaces burning sensitive feet, or wooden mulch being scattered across your lawn. If a fall occurs, the ground won’t be scratchy and rough. As an added bonus, the natural integrity of your lawn will be preserved for the entire family to enjoy.

Grass Mats are easy to install, recyclable, low in maintenance, and safe for play. Let the whole family enjoy their backyard this summer. Escape to your outside oasis and create memories in a safe environment all season long. To request a quote or receive a free sample, contact us today.