Spring is here, and with it comes fresh buds on the flowers, little green leaves in the trees, and the first peeks of green in your lawn. Ahhh… Spring! Soon you will have the beautiful green lawn you have been working on for years, fresh and ready to host parties, have play dates, play with the dog, or sit and enjoy in the warm summer air – and so starts your yearly struggle to have that beautiful green lawn despite the summer foot traffic that seems destined to destroy all your hard work!

A Beautiful Lawn Despite the Summer Traffic

But what if we told you that you could have it all? That’s right, and you can, in fact, have all the summer traffic you want and keep a beautiful green lawn. All you need is Grassmats USA. Grassmats USA is delighted to offer solutions designed specifically to ensure beautiful grass areas that are almost indestructible – even if you are parking cars in the area on a daily basis.

Think of it – summer after summer where you never stress over the path your pets or kids create on their way to their favorite play spaces. Just you – lounging in a comfy chair, soaking up the sun, sipping your favorite summer drink, and watching them play. Host amazing parties for the entire neighborhood or pull that truck up under the shade tree to tinker with it for a few days and know that your grass will be just fine when it’s all said and done.

Lawn Solutions For Safety

Grassmats USA’s lawn solutions also have the added benefit of making your yard safer overall. They are designed with slip resistance in mind and help prevent rutting, smearing and wear that create dangerous areas in your yard. Our products meet ADA standards, making your lawn wheelchair and scooter accessible, opening up new opportunities for disabled loved ones to join in the backyard fun.

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