Whether you’re trying to improve your yard at home or have a business lawn to maintain, rubber grass mats are the solution. The landscape mat made from recycled rubber protects all high-traffic areas. You don’t want a worn-down patch of grass making your yard or lawn fall flat from your expectations. Get a grass mat and let the green grow through sufficiently to achieve the aesthetically pleasing look you desire.

Place Them Under Playground Sets

Playground sets can cause a lot of problems for your yard. Frequent use often leads to worn-down patches and muddy spots when it rains. Your kids get dirty enough when they’re playing outside. Muddy footprints into the house aren’t necessary. Instead, put down a grass mat or two and prevent the area beneath your playset from getting run-ragged. These mats also work well at schools, churches, parks, and other areas where playgrounds exist.

Create a New Path

Perhaps you have a dirt or grass path leading to your doorway. The frequent use will wear this path down quickly and make it look less than appealing to guests or customers. Whether it’s for your home or business, creating a new path with grass mats can help boost the appearance. You’ll no longer have to worry about the number of people using the route, nor have to frequently maintain the area to keep it looking well enough for use in the first place.

Where There’s Water

Water pooling down into a particular lawn area can quickly drown the grass out. Where there’s water, there’s most likely a muddy spot left behind. Place a grass mat in this area to help with erosion and keep the spot looking good no matter how much it rains. An underlay mesh should help to prevent your mat from sinking on especially wet days.

Never let your lawn or yard fall flat. As soon as you notice a patchy area that doesn’t look pleasing, get a grass mat to cover it. Contact GrassMats USA to see about getting your new grass mats installed promptly. The multipurpose mats they offer are top-of-the-line quality and can handle a wide variety of needs.