Golf courses are notoriously high-traffic areas, with golfers and golf carts constantly moving around. This can take a toll on the grass, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as cart paths and tee boxes.

Grass mats are made of a durable rubber material that is designed to withstand heavy foot and golf cart traffic. They are also designed to allow grass to grow through them, so they maintain the natural look of your golf course.

Key Benefits

1. Reduce the wear on your grass by acting as a buffer between the grass and the weight of foot traffic and golf carts.

This can lead to a healthier lawn and fewer repairs, as the grass will not be under high stress or damage. The ground is also better protected by these mats allowing the landscaping of your course to always look clean.

2. Improved drainage.

These mats provide a raised surface that allows water to flow away more easily. This can help prevent puddles and mud from forming, which can make the golf course safer and more enjoyable for your golfers.

3. Prevent accidents.

When the course is wet, our mats provide a stable surface for golfers and golf carts to walk and drive on. They help prevent slips and falls by providing more grip and stability for those who are treading on them.

4. Maintain the natural look of your golf course, even in high-traffic areas.

The mats are made of a green material that blends in well with the surrounding grass, and they allow grass to grow through them, so they maintain the natural look and feel of the lawn.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, grass mats can also help to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your golf course lawn. Overall, grass mats are a great way to protect your grass and improve the overall condition of your golf course.

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