One amenity that parents seek out when selecting a daycare is a fun and engaging outdoor playground, ensuring that kids have access to fresh air and exercise. With an outdoor playground, however, comes the risk of injury. One important step to reducing these injuries is to install a protective surface, and Grassmats USA is here to help.

How Common Are Playground Injuries?

The National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) has reported that more than 70 percent of all injuries that occur on playgrounds involve falls – many times onto unsafe surfaces. Information from the CDC shows that emergency departments in the U.S. treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and under for playground-related injuries each year. About 45% of these injuries go well beyond bumps and bruises but instead are severe fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and amputations.

What Safety Products Are Available for Daycare Providers?

Historically, daycares have had to rely on wood mulch, recycled rubber mulch, or pour-in-place surfacing to outfit playgrounds for safety. Each of these options has its downfalls. Wood mulch is difficult and expensive to maintain as it requires replenishment each year. Rubber mulch is also often displaced and costly to replace.  Pour-in-place can get very hot in direct sun, which can lead to injuries.

Grassmats USA offers Grass Mats Playground Safety mats as a cost-effective alternative to wood and rubber mulch or pour-in-place. These mats are rubber surface mats made from 30% recycled rubber. In addition to providing protection, the ring design of these mats allows your grass to continue to grow, limiting any detrimental effects on your landscape.

Grass mats have been safety tested and comply with ASTM F1292 and ASTM F1951, which are both critical standards highlighted by the NPPS.

How Do I Purchase Grass Mats?

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