Backyard playgrounds are perfect for keeping children entertained, providing exercise, and providing a place for their friends to have fun. But you want a safe backyard playground area, and if you have a child, or know a child, with special physical needs, you want them to be able to enjoy the playground too. There is an easy solution that provides additional safety for all children and meets ADA requirements for children who are in wheelchairs.

Grass Mats Reduce Injuries

As a parent, your first goal is to soften the falls of children, so there are fewer injuries. Grassmats USA meets that goal. When grass mats are installed for the playground area, the rubber base that is 0.9″ thick meets ASTM F1292 and ASTMF1951 safety requirements for playgrounds. That means there should be fewer injuries as children play.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Your second goal is to provide a play area that is wheelchair accessible. With these grass mats, a path can be created in the play area. It looks like grass, but the rubber mats provide access that is ADA compliant. Grass mats also protect the grass, so the use of wheelchairs will not create ruts that make accessibility more difficult over time. That means all children can enjoy the new playground, even if they have special needs.

Easy Installation

A contractor can do the installation, or you can install it yourself using our grass mats installation guide install the grass mats yourself using our installation guides. You mow the existing grass very short. Then install the grass mats. Zip ties can be used to keep grass mats hooked together. You can add sand or even topsoil to help your grass grow faster. If the existing playground area is mulch or dirt, grass mats can be installed on that surface without having to remove the existing materials. Then wait and watch the grass grow. In a short time, you will have a grassy playground area that you know has a foundation that makes it safer for children to play and is wheelchair accessible. You might also save on homeowners insurance once this is installed, so check with your insurance broker.

Spring is the perfect time to install your new grass mats playground foundation, so please contact us and let us help you create a safe and accessible area for your children to play.