It’s that time of year again; the seasons change and bring us magnificent colors in nature, but then lose their vegetation and give way to the cold. What about your lawn? The lawn protection experts at Grassmats USA discuss the impact of fall and winter on your grass. Keep reading more details to discover why you should protect your lawn with us.

5 Reasons To Protect Your Grass With Rubber Mats

  1. Falling Vegetation

    Fall is here, and leaves are starting to fall on your lawn. Falling leaves block your lawn from breathing and cause whither spots on your grass. Rubber mats are a great way to protect your lawn from falling leaves. Choose from a selection of mesh rubber mats measuring 5ft by 3ft to protect a large area of your lawn around a shedding tree.

  2. Excessive Foot Traffic

    Changing seasons don’t stop excessive foot traffic on your lawn. The cooler temperatures of the fall prompt many people to spend more time outdoors before it gets cold. Our ASTM D1621-certified tested mesh will protect your lawn from excessive foot traffic guaranteed.

  3. Snow/Rain

    By the time winter arrives and your lawn is faced with excessive rain and snow, it can affect the surface of your grass or cause soil erosion. Grass mats place a safe barrier between your lawn and extreme temperatures. Our grass mats are durable against all weather conditions.

  4. Cold Weather

    Freezing temperatures can have an impact deep inside your grass. Ground mesh mats protect your lawn but still allow it to breathe and flourish. Rubber Mats inhibits cold weather from harming your grass by creating a layer of protection.

  5. Professional Service

    Grassmats USA is an affordable solution for lawn protection during the fall and winter. Our multi-purpose mats are fully functional. You’re invited to contact us to learn more or you can request a quote.