Playground Safety Grass Mats – Why we are Better.

GrassMats – Easy Installation.

Grass Mats Intro Video

Multipurpose mat, playground safety surface, ASTM tested, ADA approved, landscape mat, perfect for any high traffic area, temporary footpath, non-slip, ASTM 1292, ASTM 1951, perfect for footbridges and steps. Critical Fall Height up to 10′, equestrian, boats and marinas, RV’s and trailers

Multipurpose mat , playground safety surface , ASTM tested , ADA approved , landscape mat , perfect for any high traffic area , temporary footpath ,non slip , ASTM 1292 , ASTM 1951, perfect for footbridges and steps . Critical Fall Height up to 10′, equestrian, boats and marinas , RV’s and trailers

This last video shows the full functionality of the grassmat, where you can keep your lawn as ideal as possible after installation. The mat even allows you to mow your lawn over it without damaging the roots or the grass.

This short video shows the installation of a Grassmats USA grassmat on a yard service. After installation, this grassmat allows grass to grow through the holes, allowing for a healthy yard underneath. In addition, this grassmat provides non-slip and anti-fatigue measures to ensure maximum reliability wherever it is used, from being used as rubber safety matting at a playground or as a walkway or high traffic mat, for areas that see a lot of use.

The video above shows the grassmat in use in a household yard. It can be used as an outdoor mat as well, along with erosion control to stop daily activities from eating away and killing your lawn. This multipurpose mat can also be used indoors, such as RV mats or gym mats. In addition, these mats are non-slip, allowing for their use on boats or marinas