A residential or commercial lawn that has multipurpose functions will see its share of heavy foot traffic. Excessive use of your lawn can cause damages like wear, the inability to grow, and unsightly spots. Take, for example, a daycare facility that has children playing outdoors. Not only can this damage your lawn over time, but the children can also get cuts and bruises. Grassmats USA has a solution for protecting your yard or commercial property and the people who use it.

Ground Protection Mesh For Foot Traffic

Grassmats USA has created products that protect your lawn from extreme foot traffic. They offer two ground and grass protection products that are superior for dealing with foot traffic. With their sturdy, high-quality grass mats, you can protect your lawn from the damage that can occur with multi-use and excessive foot traffic. Grassmat’s Ground Protection Mesh can provide ground protection for a long list of applications, including:

  • playgrounds
  • construction
  • homeowners
  • businesses
  • work overflow parking
  • golf course
  • restaurants

Enjoy reusable lawn protection that allows you to choose your level of thickness. Choose from HDPE Plastic Mesh Standard or HDPE Plastic Mesh Heavy Duty mats. Grassmats USA proudly provides lasting protection that enables you to protect your lawn while watching your grass grow.

Why Customers Trust Grassmats USA Over The Competition

“Great Service, High-quality product! We have used them for high traffic areas around our Clubhouse and as traction mats on our bridges. They have held up exceptionally well under golf cart and foot traffic.”

Our Ground Protection Mesh has been tested to comply with ASTM D1621 compliance standards. We ensure your lawn can continue to look beautiful with safety and protection in mind. For a business, maintaining a beautiful lawn can increase your curb appeal, and for homeowners, it can add value to where you live. We’re dedicated to being your “pathway to protection.” Our mats are guaranteed to prevent slips and trips with anti-fatigue mats that competitor brands don’t have available.

Contact us to start a conversation about how our grass mats and ground protection mesh can solve your heavy foot traffic problems.