Beveled Edge Rubber Mats

$36.85 ($2.46/sq. ft.)

Beveled Edge Rubber Mats

$36.85 ($2.46/sq. ft.)

The Beveled Edge Rubber Mats is a versatile product with a multitude of uses in home and commercial environments.

  • Covering 5ft x 3.3ft  (16.5 square foot per mat)
  • Weight 20lb ea
  • 100% Recycled Rubber


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Beveled Edge Rubber Mats are perfect for doorways to shops, warehouses or residential properties. The beveled edges eradicate any excessive trip hazards and the hollow construction allows for easy cleaning and great drainage. In the workplace, these can be used in situations where an operative may be stood in the same location for long periods of time due to their anti-fatigue properties

Covering 5ft x 3ft  (15 square foot per mat)
Weight 20lb ea

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Weight 20 lbs





Covering 5ft x 3ft (15 square foot per mat)

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