Parking can always be overwhelming to your lawn. A longstanding vehicle can cause landscape discoloration, spots, or damage from leaks. Many homeowners feel like they don’t have a way to protect their lawn, but Grassmats USA provides a cost-effective solution. Find out how grass mats protection is your pathway to protection.

What Is Grass Mesh Protection?

Grassmats USA provides durable plastic mesh. Get protection for your commercial and residential landscape from an overflow of traffic or parked cars with our ground protection mesh. The rubber mesh material allows your grass to continue to grow too, which keeps your lawn healthy and looking beautiful. Parked cars don’t stand a chance against grassmats mesh protection.

What To Expect From Grassmats USA

Enjoy reinforced plastic mesh that measures 11mm and 430 sq ft to protect your lawn from any vehicle up to 30 tons. The extra traction provides no-slip protection that keeps your ground mats securely in place at all times. Get protection for your lawn precisely where you need it. The new design comes with improved water drainage and aeration to avoid mold or mildew buildup, making grassmats ideal for wet and damp conditions.

We understand how protecting your lawn from excess vehicle traffic can keep your grass healthy. Grassmats USA has been protecting lawns for over 10+ years. Our ground mesh protection is available for your small or large landscape area. Whether it’s a property, church, or construction protection, our versatile overflow parking mesh is there for protection. You have the option of retaining that natural grass look while protecting your lawn from parked cars.

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