Do you have a pool in your backyard that is surrounded by grass that is dying from heavy foot traffic? Or are you thinking of installing a pool in your backyard but aren’t sure how to protect the grass around it? Grassmats USA has the perfect solution that will keep the grass around your pool looking great and will provide added protection for everyone running out to jump in the pool.

Pool Safety

Our grass mats are rubber, so they make it easy to walk on the grass near a pool and not slip. If you have ever sat near a pool and heard adults yell at children, “don’t run, you’ll slip,” then you know the importance of having this safety feature.

The mats are easy to install. All you have to do is decide how far away from the pool you want the mats and then cut them to size. We recommend you first rake the area to remove rocks and debris, and then lay out the mats. Then zip tie the mats together, and you might want to stake them down in a few places to ensure they stay in place while the grass grows.

If you are laying them over existing grass, just water the grass and wait for it to grow through the mats so you can mow it. If you are putting the mats on bare ground, then add grass seed, water, and the grass will grow through the mats. In a very short time, you will only see grass, but you will know there is protection for anyone running to the pool because the mats will help keep people from slipping.

Enhance Your Pool Area

Our grass mats will also keep the grass around your pool looking great. Since the mats protect the roots of the grass, you will not see muddy places or places where the grass is dying because people keep walking on it. Be prepared for all your friends and family to ask why the grass around your pool looks so great!

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