Family Fun and Play at the Park

When a family goes to a park, they tend to not think much about the grass. They are there to have fun and play, often bringing things like frisbees and balls. Grass can become worn down and rutted up with all that fun and play. Having ruts in the grass can quickly end a game of catch, depending on how hard someone hits the ground when they trip. Typically, when running after a ball or frisbee, no one is looking at where they are stepping while watching where the frisbee or ball is going. large patches of missing grass can also lead to muddy conditions after a rain. Although some may love to play in the mud, they don’t go to the park for that purpose and will not like tracking it back inside of their vehicles.

First Impressions Matter

Upon arriving at the park, the first thing most people will notice is the grass. Does it look well groomed and maintained? Are there large patches of grass missing? In general, is the park well kept? If it does not appear well maintained, you risk people leaving or not using the area for play. No one wants to go to a park that has worn down areas in the grass. They will see the area as unsafe and will take their family elsewhere.

Protecting Park Grass and Visitors

With Grass Mats, you can protect your park playground grass and keep it looking great and well kept. You can also use Ground Protection Mesh to protect and reinforce grassy areas which are used by vehicles and pedestrians. It is installed directly on top of an existing grass surface and allows grass to continue to grow through the mesh holes. You will still be able to mow and maintain the grass like you usually would but without the worry of holes or muddy areas.

All Grass mats come with a 5-year warranty and meet ADA standards for wheelchair accessibility.

So, if you are looking to make your park playground a safer and more beautiful place for families, then Grassmats USA has you covered. Contact us today to learn more.