Play Safe

Grass mats are a simple idea. Simple and effective. When you think of a no-slip, non-skid environment, certain things come to mind; kitchens, medical areas, mechanics garages – anywhere there is equipment that is frequently used or operated.

There are also mats in gymnastics and other high-stakes sports. So why not in the backyard playground where your children play?

Traditional Solutions

Let’s talk about your local park playground. They likely use some mulch – either wood mulch or recycled rubber mulch. Mulch is moveable, so it encourages slipping and sliding, (not to mention splinters). It is also costly – needing to be replaced or topped off annually as it is a free agent – able to be moved off-site by wind or other factors.

If, over time, your mulch gets carried, or rots away, then how consistent is that protection?

There is another traditional option that solves the displacement issue, Pour in Place. Pour in Place is excellent for fall protection, but it doesn’t stay cool. Its surface temps (up to 160 degrees), even lead to thousands of cases of burnt hands and feet each year. Oh, and did we mention our safety tested grass mats are 25 percent cheaper than this option?

A Safe, Grassy Place to Play

Our grass mats are:

  • made of recycled materials
  • designed to allow grass to grow through the mat
  • created with an innovative ring design preventing high temperatures
  • neck-in-neck with the competition when it comes to impact ratings

As the grass grows, our mats disappear into the landscape of the playground, or the base of the trampoline, or underneath the swing set. They do not destroy the playing surface; in fact, they encourage its growth and protection while offering ground-breaking protection to children at play. Don’t hesitate to elevate the safety of your play environment. Reach out to us for more details.