It’s inevitable, where there are kids, there will be playtime. Whether they’re at home or daycare, child safety should be a top priority. Parents and daycare facilities want to know their little ones are safe. A backyard jungle gym, trampoline, or swing set all leave room for bruises, cuts, scrapes, falls, and even broken bones. Grassmats USA is there to protect your little ones while preserving your lawn too. Don’t run the risk of minor or major injuries that can be avoided with the proper safety measures. Discover how these durable rubber mats can protect your children and save you money.

Grass Mats Protect Your Children During Playtime

While there are only three known safety measures to protect your child while they’re enjoying fun on a swing set or trampoline, rubber grass mats remain the most cost-effective alternative. Wood and rubber mulch must be topped off each year, which can be quite costly. Pour-In-Place can reach excessive temperatures that can cause further injuries. As a safe alternative to traditional playground safety options, Grassmats USA provides safety mats for your trampoline or swing set that are quick and easy to install. Safety mats keep maintenance to a minimum and enhance your safety capabilities.

Why Customers Prefer Grassmats USA For Safety

Our swing and trampoline mats work in conjunction with loose-fill playground surfaces that get kicked out of place under the swing, or high traffic areas. When playtime safety is a priority, grass mats will meet the needs of almost any budget. Safety tested and in compliance with ASTM, F1292, and ASTM1951 Impact Attenuation of Playground Surfacing Materials, your child can have the added security they need during times of recreation. Grass mats prevent your lawn from becoming churned or muddy while protecting your child at the same time.

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