Winter may still be hanging around, but before you know it, the beautiful weather of spring and summer will be upon us causing people at home and at work to want to move outdoors.

Homeowners are planning parties and cookouts on weekends and holidays like Spring Break, Memorial Day, and July 4th. Daycares and youth activity centers are preparing to entertain school children all summer, while schools are assessing maintenance needs over the summer months. Landscape companies are planting seasonal flora, while construction companies are trying to protect delicate plants while conducting home maintenance.

The Challenge of Protecting Your Lawn

Though the spring and summer months bring fun and productivity, it also spells ruin for your lawn. Parties and cookouts mean your grass will be scored with holes from chairs and tables, trampled by guests’ feet, and crushed by overflow car parking. Daycares, youth activity centers, and schools will have their playgrounds marked with craters around popular equipment like swings and slides. Newly turfed lawns will need to be protected from the spring rain erosion, while construction vehicles must gain access to homes without destroying well-manicured grass.

The Benefits of Using Grass Mats

Fortunately, reusable grass mats from Grassmats USA take these worries away so you can make this your best year yet! These rubber mesh panels protect your lawn from seasonal dangers, active children, and all types of vehicles. Unlike alternative mat designs, our product allows your grass to grow and flourish through its open honeycomb pattern, making it an excellent solution to erosion. Schools and daycares can transform unsafe playgrounds into safe and accessible play spaces for the whole class.

This versatile product creates steady footing for guests or customers while withstanding the weight of heavy equipment and vehicles. Select from Standard and Heavy-Duty models to meet the needs of your home or business. Installation is easy–use our pins to anchor the mats, and you’re good to go!

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