With spring around the corner, you can expect many things to occur outdoors, particularly on your lawn. The children will be playing more, the pets will be outside, and there will even be excess foot traffic to and from your garden. So, how can you protect your lawn from excess foot traffic? The professionals at Grassmats USA have a solution to help you protect your lawn.

How To Protect Your Lawn

Grassmats USA is your pathway to lawn protection and preservation. Enjoy a high-quality rubber mat that will protect the people outdoors at your home or business, your property, and your lawn.

Excess foot traffic has the potential to damage the roots in your grass, hinder nutrients from absorbing into your lawn, and prevent your grass from growing. Grassmats USA has developed a comprehensive solution to protect your lawn using versatile rubber mats that also provide protection from heavy foot traffic, as well as traffic from vehicles. You have an opportunity to keep your lawn beautiful and protect the ones you love from bumps and bruises. Grassmat’s Ground Protection Mesh was designed to provide prevention and productivity. Their mesh is guaranteed to stand the test of time for your residential or commercial lawn.

Why Customers Prefer Grassmats USA

The Grassmat’s Ground Protection Mesh is designed for high foot traffic with a thick plastic mesh. Their comprehensive mat provides protection and reinforcement for grassed areas when used by pedestrians and vehicles. Measured at 420 square feet per roll, customers have two thickness options that include standard 7/16″ and heavy-duty 9/16″. You also get 150 pins with each roll for additional reinforcement. Grassmats USA designed their mesh with safety and slip resistance in mind. You avoid rutting, smearing, and wear that’s caused by excessive foot traffic on your lawn with the Grassmats Ground Protection Mesh.

You’re invited to contact them for details on how to protect your lawn today! Grassmats USA proudly provides protection for people and property.