Grassed areas are susceptible to damage from insects, harsh weather conditions, or even overflow parking. Overflow parking areas are mostly for occasional parking, for instance, during an event, wedding, or party. However, your grassed overflow parking area may get worn, causing bald patches and eventually damage to your lush, green lawn.

Since this part of your home is so visible, you need to make sure it always looks presentable. So, how do you ensure proper parking of cars without wrecking the grass? The best way to protect your grass when using it to park vehicles is by installing overflow parking mesh.


These are market-leading products typically made of thick plastic meshes designed to protect and reinforce grassed areas often used by pedestrians and vehicles.

They protect your grass from getting damaged by distributing the weight of the parked vehicle, hence preventing wear, rutting, and smearing caused by car traffic. With an oscillated structure, ground protection meshes offer great slip-resistance, which ensures slip hazards are kept to a minimum.


What makes grass protection mesh an affordable and most suitable solution is because it doesn’t require the removal of your existing grass before installing.

All you need to do is to install them directly onto your grassed overflow parking areas or any other grassed area in your home that experience high traffic such as paths. Then reinforce the mesh with metal U-pins to make sure they remain stable on the ground.

After you’ve installed the mesh, your grass will grow through the spaces on the mesh. The grass roots will then interlock with the mesh creating a sturdy surface structure that can withstand both car and human traffic. This will help maintain an aesthetically pleasing surface while minimizing rutting and other damage on your grass caused by overflow parking of vehicles.

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