Dealing With Erosion?

For many property owners and managers, erosion is a real problem that can leave portions of land damaged and unsightly. Where thick green grass ought to be growing, erosion can leave deep ruts and furrows that funnel mud and excess drainage into undesired places, creating a big mess and destabilizing the landscape.

Causes and Solutions

One of the most common causes of land erosion is water run-off. When the ground is sloped, downpours of rain find the path of least resistance and create small rivers that wash away the soil. Heavy foot traffic (even from pets) in a particular area can also damage the turf leaving it susceptible to erosion.

Completely restructuring the landscape with shrubs and retaining walls can change the flow of water and prevent erosion, but other options are less involved and easier on the wallet.

Grassmats USA has developed a simple solution to combat erosion and help property owners reclaim an attractive lawn without undertaking an extensive landscape project; our turf-protecting grass mats are easy to use and very versatile!

What are Grass Mats?

Our grass mats are made from 30% recycled rubber and come in 5′ X 3.3′ sections. This design holds soil in place while allowing proper air circulation and grass growth. The rubber material, though strong and durable, creates a cushioned surface that is comfortable to walk on; and once the grass has had a chance to grow through the mat, you can hardly tell it’s there!

The Solution to Your Erosion Problem

Think that grass mats are the right solution to your erosion problems? Feel free to contact us for more information about our sources, products, pricing, and more! Our amazing team of professionals can give you advice about the best steps to take, and support you along the way as you move forward in your erosion control project.