As a daycare owner, you know the scenario. You’re standing outside, watching your clients run, jump, and play on the playground, when you hear it—”thud.” You race over to see who has fallen, only to find one of your kids a little stunned but no worse for wear. That’s because you installed rubber safety mats from Grassmats USA to make your daycare a safe place to play.

When Protection is a Priority

Safe surfacing should be the number one priority when designing a playground because falls cause approximately 80% of all playground injuries. Grass mats are a safety-tested, low-cost, low-maintenance surface material that you can count on to protect not only your kids but also your daycare lawn. The ring design allows the grass beneath the mats to grow up through them—keeping your grass healthy while allowing your playground area to blend seamlessly with your lawn. Grass mats can be installed on any grass, but the grass should first be cut short, as recommended. Installation is effortless using the anchor pins and cable ties system.

The Best Option For Daycare Playgrounds

Of course, there are other playground surface material options out there. But Grassmats USA Playground Safety Mats have several advantages over other surfacing options while providing similar impact protection, and they comply with ASTM F1292 and ASTM F1951 Impact Attenuation of Playground Surfacing Materials. Grass Mats are upkeep-free once they have been installed, and their ring-hole form stays cooler, protecting children from burned hands and feet.

You want to give your daycare clients the best when it comes to the safety of their children. With Grassmats USA Playground Safety Mats, your kids can swing from the monkey bars or slip down the slide without risking serious injury from falls. To ensure safer landings, contact Grassmats USA today.