Golf pathways are an essential part of the golf course because they facilitate movement from one golf tee to the next. The paths are further used by the golfers to move from one hole to the other. Therefore, a golf course pathway should be suitable to facilitate the movement of both golfers and their golf carts. The golf pathways can become impassable during winter because of water and mud. Consequently, golf course owners are advised to install golf pathway mats because of four benefits associated with them:

1. Strong and Clean Surface

golf course pathway using grass mats for protectionGolf course pathway mats should be able to hold lots of traffic. Therefore, the area should be strong to contain the number of golfers who use the route to move from one hole to the other. Furthermore, the golf pathway mats should be suitable for pulling buggies and driving golf carts. The mats can keep the carriages and golfers clean throughout the movement because they suppress mud and water to the ground. Consequently, by the help of the golf pathway mats, the dirt is not able to reach either the golf carts or the golfers.

2. Protect the Grass

The grass is an essential component of any golf course. They allow the venue to have a scenic view; hence, it should be protected from any form of damage. Golf pathway mats can protect the grass by withstanding the golf cart and pedestrian traffic. Moreover, the mats have openings that allow the grass to continue growing naturally.

3. Easy to Install

The golf pathway mats are easy to install throughout the golf course. The process requires you to lay the mats between the worst affected tees and greens. After that, you can use plastic anchor pins to secure them to the ground and then join them using cable ties. The installation process can take less than a week, depending on the available workforce.

4. Suitable for the Surface

golfer standing on golf cart pathA good golf pathway mat should not interfere with the ground. Consequently, the mat should allow the surface water to drain away naturally. The golf pathway mats have openings that do not interfere with the golf course and will enable it to grow naturally.

Our golf pathway mats are the perfect choice for any golf course that wants to protect and improve their pathways. Contact us to learn more or to request a Free sample.