Having an area for your horses that is both functional and safe is so important. One thing that you can do to improve your stable grounds is to incorporate the use of grass mats for equestrian. These are mats that are made out of rubber and are made to be both durable and safe. Here are three reasons why you need grass mats for your stable grounds.

Stop The Mud

Mud can become a big issue in areas around stables that are highly trafficked, such as barn entrances. This mud can cause horses and humans alike to slip and lose their footing. The mud can also build up inside the shoes of your horses and can be difficult and time-consuming to clean-out. Grass mats are the perfect solution to this problem because they stay in place perfectly on top of the mud and give you a safe and clean surface to stand on. This allows you and your horses to easily enter and exit high traffic areas without any concerns about the mud.

Creates Excellent Footing For Stables

With the amount of time that your horses spend in their stables, they must have a clean and comfortable surface to stand on. Thankfully, this is precisely what grass mats can provide for them. The grass mat allows each horse a comfortable place to stand on and stops debris from sticking to their hooves. The grass mat also makes it so that you don’t have to worry about putting straw or other materials in the stable that can become damp and cause problems with your horses’ hooves.

Perfect For Grazing Areas

Grass mats are also excellent for grazing areas because of the large holes in them. These holes allow the grass to easily grow, while still giving the horses a stable and clean surface to stand on. Also, because the mats can easily be moved from place to place, moving them to different grazing areas is a breeze.

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